Vegetable Sourced Nicotinoid Alkaloids

Vegetable Sourced Nicotinoid Alkaloids is another great advancement brought to you by GoldLabs Canada. Vegetable Sourced Nicotinoid Alkaloids, or VSN for short is chemically similar to nicotine, with a few key differences.

  • Vegetable Sourced

    VSN is extracted in from the seeds of certain nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes and eggplants.

  • Extraction

    VSN is carefully Deep Water Extracted to retain it's pureity and core benefits.

  • Potency

    VSN, when extracted properly is up to 0.5x stronger than traditional nicotine solutions such as Synthetic or Tobacco based.

  • Safety

    VSN is sourced directly from the seeds of nightshade vegetables, with no added chemicals or toxins. Paired with our Deep Water Extraction process, you're looking as a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco sourced nicotine.

  • Availablity

    VSN is a newer innovation, and as such the market is still adapting to this rapid advancement.

    VSN is available in the United States and for select customers in Canada

  • Testing and Certification

    All of our products are tested for safety and purity. We update our lab tests quarterly, and you'll able to view them at at time.

    See the latest lab results 

Customer driven questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it extracted?

VSN is extracted by using Deep Water Extraction. We use water, and not butane, CO2, ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol.

We chose to avoid all other harsh chemicals and remained consistant in our goal of safety, so we only use pure water.

What is 'Deep Water Extraction'

Deep Water Extraction is a solvent-less method of extracting nicotinoid alkaloids from the seeds of nightshade vegetables.

We submurge the seeds and increase the preasure in our extraction chamber, which allows the seeds to break-down, releasing alot of different components.

We then follow up and extract the nicotinoid alkaloids from the water.

Is VSN stronger then nicotine?

VSN is about 0.5x stronger than traditional nicotine. VSN is extracted directly from the seeds of nightshade plants, which results in an incredible, potent solution.

Is VSN nicotine?

VSN is a nicotinoid alkaloid, which means it's closely related to nicotine but it's not exactly the same.

The chemical structure of VSN is slightly different, which allows us to provide life-saving products to consumers where traditional nicotine is heavily regulated.

VSN can be sold anywhere nicotine can't.

How does VSN taste?

VSN has no taste, or smell. VSN will allow for a full flavoured vaping experience.

Is VSN Safe?

VSN is as safe as traditional tobacco dirived nicotine or synthetic nicotine.

The side-effects of nicotine will be idential to VSN, with no notable differences in performance.

What makes VSN different than other nicotine solutions?

VSN is not nicotine. VSN is a nicotinoid alkaloid, which means it's closely related to the nicotine family, with some key notable differences.

We have developed VSN by extracting it from nightshade vegtables instead of tobacco. We've also developed VSN with 5 less carbon atoms, which results in a longer lasting, better performing and purer solution to other nicotine products.

Is VSN legal for sale?

VSN is legal in for sale in all international markets and is specifically designed for the United States.

As of June 1, 2022, Boosted is the only provider of legal, certified VSN solutions.

Can I sell VSN in the United States?

VSN has been specifically designed for the United States market. With additional regulations in the US market emerging, we wanted to offer a product that can comply with all FDA requirements as VSN is not classified as a nicotine product.

VSN or Nicotinoid Alkaloids are a closely related branch of nicotine, although as the chemical structure and development does not result in nicotine, it cannot be regulated in the same way.

All of our products go through in-house and third party testing to ensure that the quality standards we've set out are met.